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With over 25 years of teaching experience, I am based at The CGA Golf Range, Chandigarh. I have been coaching across India and I am currently the Director of NGAI. I am also a Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor from TPI, a Level 1 Accredited Instructor from The Harold Swash Putting School & Categoria di Maestro from The Italian Golf Federation. Like my page and stay updated!


Worldwide running day

It’s a really cool concept. We pick one day – August 31 – and find out how many people around the world can lace up their running shoes and put in a whole bunch of miles.

The Olympic fanfare will be history by then and it will be time for the rest of the world’s athletes – that’s US – to take center stage. There will be organized Human Race events with major league A-list headliners in Austin, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; but the point here is that The Human Race goes way beyond any organized event. And that’s where all of you come in.

We are working to get everyone out there running, not only on August 31, but on every day leading up to The Human Race… starting now.

You see, we have regionally-based fitness publications under our and Gen-A umbrella in Florida, Illinois, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. That’s almost one million total magazines every month. We’ll all be using our assets to work with the local training runs in all of our markets to get people on board with the Human Race program. We will have folks from all of our publications around the country going to local training runs, visit and become part of the challenge we’re putting out there. Feel free to check all the great sports nutrition supplements they offer, such as these muscle recovery supplements review.

If you like to run with music, the Nike+ system is the way to go. If not, the brand new Nike SportsBand gives you all the same great features – pace, distance, total miles – that you can get from Nike+. You can purchase either system from your local retailer or directly from Every time you run a mile and upload your chip, those miles are added to our total. Wait – our total? Yep that’s right. The state of California is hereby challenging all endurance athletes from Texas, Florida and the rest of our Gen A states to bring it.

Starting in July, the race is on. We’re going to see how many folks can run how many miles by the time August 31 comes along. In places like San Diego and San Francisco where we don’t have an organized Human Race event, we will be counting on the local running and triathlon clubs to step up and put in some miles during their regular Sunday training run.

You will see a ticker whenever you go to, which will be keeping track of all of our miles. It doesn’t matter if you run a five-minute mile or walk a 16-minute mile. We want you to be a proud member of our team as we set out to dominate the country.

Get yourself hooked up with whatever you need to keep track of your miles on as soon as possible, and mark down “August 31″ on your calendar.

nike +

Introduction by Jesse Grewal.

Gurbaaz Mann and I have researched on club fitting and found that some methods used by the industry especially on desired shaft stiffness seem contradictory. Have found that most players generally seem to be playing with clubs which are either too heavy or too stiff.


introduction introduction3

The Amateur championship.

Khalin Joshi and Chikarangappa were selected for the British Amateur in June 2012. I accompanied them as their coach. We got a taste of the vagaries of the Scottish weather and had to play through rain, wind and freezing cold conditions. Though both of them missed the main draw by one stroke in the qualifier, they learnt a lot from this experience.

Amateur championship

Forbes India.

Jesse Grewal – a gold enthusiast since college. Worked in tea plantations across the country, combining his career with his golfing passion. Returned to Chandigarh to start a tea business before turning to golf coaching fulltime in the late 90s. Nurturned talents like national champs Gurbaaz Mann and Irina Brar. He teaches at the Chandigarh Golf Association.

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Par Excellence – Jesse Grewal

Jasse Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian gold team for the Eisenhower Cup ( World Cup ) in 2008. He is currently the Director of National Gold Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Acandemy.

Short Game Award

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